Marbel wear – tienda de ropa estilo urbano y corte largo en Granada

What started out as a laugh among friends, Marbel Wear was born in 2010 from the simple idea of ​​expressing a message on a shirt. We became aware of the great potential of these types of garments and the great capacity of attention they can receive. Thus, little by little, we began to wear shirts and sweatshirts that would shape our way of seeing things, our way of vindicating and, sometimes, showing our social criticism.

From a small idea, our project and the demand for our shirts and designs was growing, so we had to look for new ways to expand and make ourselves known. At that time, clothing, skate and snowboard shops in Granada, such as 1One Skateboard and Hardcore Skate Shop, turned to us and offered their space for us to distribute our products. This encouraged us to expand the small catalogue, with no more than four or five designs. We started to grow and began to collaborate with the majority of sporting events organised in Granada. This allowed us to meet many people from outside Granada who participated in these events. Meanwhile, we collaborated with friends and artists, like Michael Kunay and Carlo Sittón, in their concerts. We got to collaborate with Snak the Ripper, who commissioned us to take on the merchandising of his European tour. We also participated in the recording of his video clip "This is International", together with Young Sin and Michael Kunay, in 2011.

Given the growing demand, in 2012 we opened our first website, where we began to sell our products nationwide. Orders continued to increase, and this led us to set up our own screen printing workshop. We could then stamp our garments and cover all orders in the shortest possible time. Our workshop grew, and so did our concern for the world of screen printing. It gave us the opportunity to try different techniques, which nowadays give our products that element that sets us apart from the rest. We had the opportunity to take care of the production process from beginning to end, and add details and final finishes to our garments.

In 2015 we decided to open The Office Showroom, the very first Marbel Wear store, located in the centre of Granada. Here we work daily to offer a personalised service . We have a showroom where the latest models of the season are exposed, an outlet area of ​​past seasons, and a workshop that allows us to take on more and more orders. In addition, we continue to collaborate with other brands and companies nationwide.

We are currently working with different artists, brands and companies nationwide, such as Ajax and Prok, the well-known rappers from Granada who are at the top of national rap, or Industrial Copera, an undisputed reference in electronic music.

We even take care of the smallest detail and offer a handmade product of the best quality, which combines our commitment, our work, and our enthusiasm. We are very lucky that more and more people support us. We are spreading out in the far reaches of the country.

The Office Showroom - tienda de ropa urban stye en Granada

The Office Showroom // Marbel Store Grx C/ Buensuceso 17. 18005. Granada, Spain +34 958 264 397 //

Our opening times are 10.30 to 14.00 and 17.30 to 20.30. Saturdays from 10.30 to 14.00

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